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January 22, 2019
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Updated: Jan. 22 (20:55)

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Sgt. James Crowley and CPSOA Officals Prepare to meet President Obama
Sergeant James Crowley looks forward to the meeting tomorrow arranged by President Barack Obama. He will be accompanied by Cambridge Police Superior Officers Association president Dennis O'Connor and Cambridge police unions and Massachusetts Municipal Police Coalition attorney Alan McDonald. We are hopeful that this will be a constructive discussion and a positive step for law enforcement officers across the country.

Sergeant Crowley would like to thank the men and women of the Cambridge and Natick police unions, and police officers from the Massachusetts Municipal Police Coalition and across the state and country for their overwhelming support during this difficult time for him and his family.  

Melissa Hurley

Sep 03, 2012
The Massachusetts Municipal Police Coalition (MMPC) is a coalition of municipal police unions.
Download: Brown.pdf

Oct 24, 2010

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                  CONTACT:    Jack Buckley  

October 22, 2010                                                                              781- 389-2835                  





Massachusetts Law Enforcement Leaders Praise Coakley’s

Record and Vision on Keeping People Safe and Preventing Crime


BOSTON – Citing her twenty-five of experience as a prosecutor, District Attorney, and Attorney General, and her efforts to support law enforcement, protect victims and keep people safe, the Massachusetts Municipal Police Coalition (MMPC) endorsed Martha Coakley today for re-election as Attorney General.


 “I’m proud to have the support of the MMPC, but I’m also inspired by their work each and every day to keep our cities and communities safe,” said AG Coakley.  “As a prosecutor, your first job is to protect the people of the Commonwealth. And this race is about choosing an Attorney General who best stand up for consumers, taxpayers, and families during these difficult economic times.  As your Attorney General, I will continue to work with the MMPC and law enforcement leaders from across the state to protect you and your families, and I will never back down.”


            “As District Attorney and Attorney General, Martha Coakley has been an ally and a friend to law enforcement, because she understands that by working together we can keep our communities safe for our children and our families,” said MMPC President Harold MacGilvray. “AG Coakley’s 25 years of experience  protecting the people of Massachusetts is unmatched and we strongly support her re-election, so she can continue her work supporting victims, protecting our children online and in their neighborhoods, and preventing crime across the state.


            To date, Coakley also earned the support of a wide range of law enforcement groups and leaders, including District Attorneys, police officers, and advocates for child safety.


As a federal prosecutor, an Assistant District Attorney, Middlesex District Attorney, and now as Attorney General, Coakley has an unmatched record in this race of protecting our kids and communities. As a prosecutor for the Middlesex DA’s Office, Martha has personally and successfully prosecuted dozens of violent criminals in Massachusetts. As Chief of the Middlesex DA’s child abuse unit, Martha oversaw the prosecution of hundreds of predators who harmed children.


Martha Coakley is the only candidate in this race who has prioritized victim support and public safety challenges such as cyber crime, senior safety, neighborhood safety, and child protection.  Her opponent has remained virtually silent on these critical issues throughout the past two months. Coakley’s wide-ranging endorsements today are reflective of her 25-year commitment to making the Commonwealth a safer place and her record of not just prosecuting crime, but working in collaboration with all involved to prevent future tragedies. 


As Attorney General, Martha has been a national leader in working to protect people online.  As part of her Cyber Crime Initiative, Coakley revolutionized the tools available to prosecutors for fighting crime in the 21st century, ensuring that Massachusetts is on the forefront of public safety challenges. Her office trains local and state law enforcement officers in how to handle cyber crimes, with specialized trainings on topics such as digital evidence, cyber-bullying, and others. She also opened a state of the art computer forensics laboratory that assists with criminal cases from across the Commonwealth.


In 2008, Coakley led a two-year effort with MySpace and Attorneys General across the country to develop a plan to make social networking sites safer for children. She also successfully took on Craigslist by calling on the site to take down its adult services section to better protect victims of human trafficking.



Jan 15, 2010

The 212 member Cambridge Police Patrol Officers Association, a founding member of the MMPC, voted yesterday to endorse Scott Brown for United States Senator.  CPSOA President Steve Killion released the following statement;

All Members,
Members of our Association have inquired and requested that we endorse Scott Brown in the upcoming election against Martha Coakley. Ms. Coakley along with some of her campaign workers have talked publicly about how her husband is a retired Cambridge Police Officer, giving appearances that she is being endorsed by the Cambridge Police. This may be an innocent insinuation but most do take this as our giving her our support and endorsement. Yesterday, the CPPOA Executive Board voted to endorse State Senator Scott Brown in the upcoming election for US Senate. In an 11 to 2 vote, the Executive Board voted overwhelmingly in favor of the endorsement. We do not endorse anyone who advocates changes in the health care that take away any bargaining rights or increases our cost along with our contributions. Senator Brown does not support the Comprehensive Healthcare Reform Bill and promises to be the 41st vote to ensure its defeat. The current leadership at the state house, as we all know and have seen over the past two years, have an agenda to dismantle all of our hard earned bargained benefits and they will continue to dismantle these until there is a complete change from the top down. Martha Coakley is part of this Massachusetts leadership and she will continue with this agenda, only now it will be at the capital level and we need to stop it. So today, we the members of the Cambridge Police Patrol Officers Association endorse Scott Brown for the senate seat vacated by Senator Kennedy.
Stephen Killion
President Cambridge Police

Patrol Officers Association

Jul 24, 2009

For Immediate Release: July 24, 2009

Contact: Melissa Hurley, 781-799-4406
Statement of the Cambridge Police Superior Officers Association, the Cambridge Police Patrol Officers Association, and the Massachusetts Municipal Police Coalition
Sergeant James Crowley and President Barack Obama had a friendly and meaningful conversation this afternoon. Sergeant Crowley was profoundly grateful that the President took time out of his busy schedule to attempt to resolve this situation.
It is clear to us from this conversation, that the President respects police officers and the often difficult and dangerous situations we face on a daily basis. We appreciate his sincere interest and willingness to reconsider his remarks about the Cambridge Police Department. 
The Cambridge Police Superior Officers Association, the Cambridge Police Patrol Officers Association, the Massachusetts Municipal Police Coalition, and particularly Sergeant Crowley, extend our special thanks to the citizens of Cambridge and across the country for their overwhelming support during this difficult time. We look forward to returning out attention to the important police work we do everyday.

Jul 23, 2009

Jul 22, 2009

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